Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Illustration: Coloring Pages

Atty and Coco love to draw and color. They are the most creative children I've ever met! If you come to my house, I can show you some of Atty's work.

This Christmas, I wanted to give them something a little more personal and they could use over and over again. They can print these files whenever they like!!


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Announcement: New Home!

When we bought our house I was so excited to make a "New Home" Announcement. I had seen one before and I loved the idea. We printed several and sent them to friends and family.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Seed To Root

My friend Allison is an incredible cook. We love being her taste testers! She just gets food you know? She understands food combinations, flavors and the science behind it much better than the average home cook. She understands it so well, she makes her own recipes! Which is crazy and so cool. Who does that!? She's a WIZARD. 

Allison wanted to share what she loves the most with her family. This last Christmas, she wrote out and tested out each recipe and her husband Nick photographed each plate to bring together her cookbook, Seed to Root. Seed to Root was printed, bound and gifted to family.

I helped out with the layout and the cover. It was such a fun project! I hope she writes a volume 2 so I can taste test again and design another.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

California: Sledding in Truckee

First time the family is together with "BROTHERS." It's pretty fun. I like having guys around to make us try do scary things (not me, but my sisters). Like trying to fly off jumps, or going down head first.

My family has a cabin in Truckee and we made THE BEST sled run. It was fast. It was twisty. It was long. It was dangerous. We loved it.

These pictures were taken on day 2, by day 3, there was a jump (at least 1 1/2 foot?? maybe taller) where the boys would lay under as other boys would fly over. It was a sight to be seen.

We only had 2 accidents.  #soblessed

1. Anahi and I went down the run (the first run of the trip) and it was slow and the sled was falling apart underneath us. Then I invited Indi to go down with me (second run of the day) on a heavy fast sled. The sled picked up so much speed, it went off the curvy track and straight to the trees. We were stopped by a root that my leg got caught under. When I looked at it, I screamed because it looked like it had snapped in half. Pulled it out slowly, and seemed to be intact. Took me a while to get up and I was able to walk, which was a huge relief. I went up to the cabin to take off my snow pants and that's when I discovered blood all over my long johns. The impact of the root split my shin open and there was lots of chunky stuff exposed. Got 5 stitches. PICTURES BELOW.... BEWARE.

2. On day 3, Maya wanted to try to go down head first. She had a slow start, but after she passed the bend in the run, her sled headed straight towards a tree and we heard a lowed thump and she was laying there not moving. We ran down and she had scrapped her whole face, arm and leg. Fewffff. We were so nervous.

We cant believe non of the boys got hurt.

Ok. Here are some pics.

OK. If you're sensitive to cuts and blood, don't scroll down. Some pictures of my cut and stitches are below!