Monday, March 30, 2015

Oregon: Camping on the Crooked River

Are you ever like "Man! I wanna do that again!" Yeah, that's what we said last week when we spent a day at the Crooked River. So we packed our bags and headed down to camp along the rocky cliff sides.

We went with our Oregonian friends the Hesss (how do you make Hess plural?) and our newly Oregonian friends the Currys (Tessa was my friend growing up in Mexico). We left around 4:30 from Portland and found our campsite at 8. We were a bit nervous because the clouds were big and dark and there was a lot of lightning in the distance.

But we were safe and sound!!

The fisherman went fishing, we rockhounded for agate and calicite on a mesa and hiked! It was a good little trip. I wish it was a little closer.

We're planning on going a lot this summer, camping that is.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hand Lettering

Wedding season is in the air and that means hand lettering. My friend is getting married in May and asked me to design her invites. I had a blast putting them together. Once I get a copy, I'll show you the real thing.

Here's a peek at the hand lettering.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Oregon: Central Oregon

Our friends have spring break and invited us to join them at their weekend getaway at Black Butte Ranch near Sisters (we barely made it). We left early on Friday to Crooked River and Robbie and other husbands enjoyed some fishing and me and the mommas enjoyed some cute babies.

These pictures wont really show the scenery (which is beautiful, you should go there and check it out yourself) but of my friends! Most of them will be moving in the next few months because they got residency (med school stuff)! We're going to miss them bunches and bunches.

Here are a few of my favorites:

These two BFFs

These cute four girls.
Haley took this pic of the fishermen!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

TBT: Space Tiger

Have you heard of Space Tiger? It was a big part of our lives a few years ago. 

I was going through my hard drive and found some ancient files dating back to 2012. Robbie did this big project when we were in love (and still are) called Space Tiger, so I made him this Photoshop Space Tiger present. I still have the file in 18x18 if you want one for you very own house. It's just collecting dust here.

If you haven't heard Space Tiger, google it, I strongly recommend watching the youtube videos.

Actually I'll just post it here:

And then watch this one:

You're welcome for that treat.