Monday, January 19, 2015

Illustration: Birthday Teeth

I designed a potential Birthday Card for a dental office in California. I like the little birthday teeth.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Illustration: September 30

Robbie's ex-partner at work invited me to participate in a very cool calendar project. I love a lot of things, but I especially love a good calendar.

"It's Different Everyday" Calendar features lots of funny doodles, puzzles, great material for making your day a non-boring one. Brooke asked me what day I wanted to pick out of all the days in the year. That was really hard decision. I eventually sent her a short list of dates and she surprised me with September 30th.

September 30th is the day Robbie and I became friends in 2010.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fiji: Nadi Hindu Temple

Nadi isn't a big place, but at the end of the city you find the most vibrant, colorful building in the world. This Hindu temple is called Sri Siva Subramaniya and is the largest Hindu Temple in the southern hemisphere.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Fiji: Octopus Resort

We flew Fiji Airlines to New Zealand, and that means a layover in the Nadi, Fiji airport. So, on our way back from NZ, we decided to extend that 4 hour layover to 4 days. We don't regret it one bit.

The first thing people will tell you about Fiji is that if you want the Fiji experience that you see online and on TV, you need to get off the mainland. We found a tiny little resort on a tiny island that is 1 + 1/2 hour ferry ride from the mainland marina.

We loved our little paradise called Octopus Resort. We had a little reef surrounding the blue, warm beach. We stayed in a little bungalow that didn't have a bathroom. We shared a communal bathroom area with 30 other people.

We arrived after the snorkle rental shop was closed but there was a lot of daylight for swimming. So I pulled out my handy dandy goggles and handed them to Robbie. He immediately jumped into the water, and every time he came up for a breath of air he would yell "MIKA I SAW ONE!" and stick his head back in "I had no idea there would be so many fish!""It's the Discovery Channel Down here" ... this went on for 15 minutes. I loved it.

Snorkeling was really great. The next day after we got the rental equipment, we went snorkeling together and the fish were impressive. There were many vibrant colored fish. We loved the purple cuttle fish (looks like a little squid) and a family of clown fish protecting their anemone home.

On Sunday, we walked to the village that was on the other side of the tiny island. It was a scrappy looking village with wild dogs running around. The church was full of well dressed and beautifully singing Fijians. Their singing shames my downtown branch, who has more members. It was a Methodist church, and the pastor was giving his sermon in Fijian, lots of fire and brimstone talk which kind of scared us, but his audience seemed to have loved it. As we were heading out the village, children would scream out "Bula, bula!" (Hello, hello!) in tiny voices.

Bungalow 5

On our way to the village


Rained all day and then everything looked vibrant

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Zealand: Milford Track

This holiday was spent in the southern hemisphere where you can find summer, sun and tan lines. The first week + half was in New Zealand having adventures with the Yerman's and then the second half was spent on Fiji beaches and reefs.

This was a special trip for several reasons.
-First time family has been together since Maya left on her mission to Cape Verde
-Last Christmas in NZ. My parents are moving sometime this year.
-Hiking world famous hike that sold out in an hour.
-Cousins from utah, Kyle and Micah joined us.
-I'm blessed to see my family as often as I do, never sure when the next time I will see them will be.

Pictures of trip taken by my iPhone, Maya, and Micah Yerman

My parents live on the shore of Takapuna looking out to a volcano island, it's a dreamy little home.

We spent a night there after traveling 28 hours from Portland, and left at 5:30 the next morning to catch a flight to south island to go on a famous backpacking trip called the Milford Track. We would spend 4 days trekking, one 2 hour day and three 6 hour days of hiking. The cool thing about backpacking in NZ is that you stay the night in communal huts and cook and eat with the same groups every night. And we were also doing it over Christmas, which is a very special way to celebrate Christmas.

Lots of beautiful waterfalls, incredible blue water and swarms of biting sandflies.

Can you see my exhaustion?