Monday, November 2, 2015

Dia de los Muertos Wedding Invite: Elyse and Alex

Elyse is my younger sister who found a wonderful guy named Alex. They are getting married in November, the month were Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico. When they asked me to design the wedding invite, I was thrilled! I love designing invites, I love Mexico, and I especially love day of the dead!

Pinterest didn't have to much inspiration for deadly invites, so I looked at a lot of mexican folk art. Elyse and I came up with different ideas and we finally decided on a Mexican shadow box that opens up to little trinkets and skeletons in scenes. Of course, this would have to be 2D so it could fit in an envelope, so I got to work.

I used acrylic paint and did calligraphy for the words.

Arrived! Printed on velum to give it a sense of a shadow box, and some depth.
My hope was that it would look like an ofrenda on it's own, a day of the dead alter.

My inspiration:

My process:


  1. my first question is, how did you get so good at this? My second question is, how are you so attractive?

  2. Love Robbie's comments, haha. But more than that, I love the invite! So original and intricate.

    1. Haha. Robbie leaves lots of fun comments on here. Thank's Jamie! It was so fun to make.

  3. Really, really fantastic, Mika! How DIDyou get so good at this? (I'll leave the questions about attractiveness to your hubby.)