Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oregon: Crooked River with the Rane Brothers

Robbie's brothers + bother's girlfriend, Brent, Taylor and Kassandra came to Oregon for a few days to enjoy the abundant recreation it offers.

On thursday morning, we took of to Smith Rock to rock climb for the day, we were biting our nails because huge dark clouds were around us and we didn't want it to rain. There was only a bit of wind, cool weather and a drop or two. Thank you weather masters.

That night, we headed 30 minutes to the Crooked River near Prineville for a day of fishing. Robbie caught 11!! HUZZAH! And his brothers caught a lot too. Kassandra and I hung out, took pictures and enjoyed the scenery. She's taking a fly fishing class next week, so if they visit again, she may be joining the boys in the river.

Oh and there were two Bald Eagles at our campsite! They would swoop in and out of a tree where we are assuming they have a nest. They make a great couple. 

Robbie's checking out the scene

Lil' Rainbow



The "Ranestorm"

Kassandra getting ready for class

"I has a fish!"

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Oregon: Camping at Cape Lookout State Park

Tessa, Michael and Blue Curry planned a camping weekend on the Oregon Coast and the weather could not have been more perfect.

We were a large group of 10 people + dog. We managed to cram a few tents on two tiny tent sites. There are several things to do in this coastal area.  We hiked the beach, hiked up then ran down sand dunes in Pacific City and went to the Tillamook factory for some cheese samples and ice cream.

We were also fortunate to witness a huge jelly fish beach wash-up that happens every few years. They look like little sail boats. They have flat blue bottoms and a clear little sail that helps them float on the surface of the ocean and drift in the wind. Unfortunately for them, the wind brings them onto shore and they dry up like chips. We were there during a low tide and I think they were still alive. There were thousands. 

Tessa and Michael

Robbie just looking handsome as usual

Robbie took a really quick dip in the water. Surfers in wetsuits are to his left.

Some of the girls.

These little jellyfish were getting washed up on shore

Thanks Tessa (and Michael and Blue!!)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Sencond Anny!

I guess we finally made it out of the "Hard Part" of marriage I always hear about. And the really cool thing about it is that I can't figure out what part of it was hard.

Year two surpassed the greatness of year one.
-Robbie has picked up fly fishing and we go frequently now. He even ties his own flies! It has also helped us discover more of Oregon.
-He has supported me in all my crazy projects from making Mexican shirts, painting, designing wedding invites, buying too many plants for our tiny apartment.
-Year two means testing out family traditions. We've continued our Dia de los Muertos party, maybe we will continue to make fried chicken for thanksgiving.
-We've seen different parts of the world together and learned how to travel as the R + M team. 
-We've learned each others humor a little better. We make each other laugh more (that's a really big deal guys).
-Robbie somehow always anticipates my needs, and I hope I do that for him too.
-We found our "sport" this past year. We try to boulder weekly.
-I've been able to see Robbie complete some incredible projects at work this past year. I'm proud of what he has accomplished.
-We've started the process in looking to buy a house! AHHH!

It's been really great, and obviously there were some "hard parts" but that usually meant me crying from being tired, or disappointed in my work or just a little sad, but Robbie was always there singing funny songs to me or dancing with numb chucks to cheer me up.

Thanks manfriend! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Lettering

I don't have cards lying around to use so I always have to improvise last minute. You GUYS! I only redid this one twice! Even though the bottom corner was ripped, I felt pleased. Usually takes me 3 or 4 times to finally get somewhere I feel OK presenting to a friend on their birthday. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Wedding Invite: Jamie + Richard

I met Jamie my freshman year of collage, she was in high school at the time in Arkansas. When she went to BYU two years later, we somehow convinced her that it would be a great idea to be roommates with my wild sister Maya, she took the bait.

Anyways, this Jamie lady is engaged and invited me to design her invites! What a treat!

Thanks Jamie! And congratulations!