Friday, February 27, 2015

Oregon: Gorge Hike

I've been taking a photography class at the PCC, my Christmas gift from my Robert! But these are not the best proof of the class because I had my camera in the wrong setting the whole time. Most of my pictures were blurry. But it was still a fun hike we went on President's day a few weeks ago!

And it's safe to call this a Pierce photo shoot. He was super photogenic and his were pretty much the only pictures that were not blurry. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

México: Puerto Vallarta

So Robbie is one of the hardest working people I know. After finishing his super bowl spot for Weight Watchers, we decided that a vacation was much needed. Both of us have gone on several work trips and working long hours (mostly him) and just missing each other.

While I was working in Paradise, CA he contacted me and said, "Hey, you wanna go to Mexico? I found great tickets for next week...."

One week later, we were flying to Puerto Vallarta. Since I've known Robbie I've been telling tales of the whales, the water and the food in Puerto Vallarta. I had somehow convinced him that it would be an amazing trip.

And it was. 

We used AirB&B. We found a little apartment on the hill, a few blocks away from the ocean, 1 street away from infinite rows of taco stands with and not too far from the "Zona Romantica." It was so charming and so so Mexican. It was the most perfect location.

Great thing about PV is that there are many English speakers, but there are not too many like Cancun or Cabo. We had lots of Spanish practice. On one of the first days there, I told Robbie that I didn't want people there to think of me as a tourist (even though I was) because of my sour Spanish. I wanted to blend in so badly! Later in the week, someone had asked me if I was from Guadalajara!!! EEEEE!!! Cha Ching!

Side note: This year, I've decided to study Artesania Méxicana. At the moment I'm learning Oaxacan and Chiapas embroidery and Oaxacan alebrije. Robbie thought that this was a good way to jump into it. Kind of like a little Study Abroad.  

Here is a little list of activities we did:
-Eat lots of tacos
-I had a goal of eating a popsicle everyday. Mexico makes the best fruit popsicles on THE PLANET. Hands down. I always got the Guayaba ones, to hard to branch out.
-Swam in the ocean every day
-Humpback whale watching through Ocean Friendly. We saw a momma and baby whale breach (jump) out of the water and it was the biggest creature I've ever seen. Spectacular.
-Swimming with dolphins
-Searched for a Mexican blouse for my Mexican blouse collection
-Snorkeling at Las Marietas
-Zip lining and swimming in the jungle where Predator was filmed

We stayed at the Casita Diego on Calle Costa Rica
Folkloric Dancing "Ribbon Dance"
Iguanas Everywhere
Watching Robbie Whale Watching
Liquado de Mango
Paleta de Guayaba
We swam with Dolphins but didn't get any pictures of it. This is the close as it gets.

Thoughts on returning
As we landed at the Portland Airport, I was a little sad because I was overwhelmed with memories, Spanish, food and a culture that I love and grew up with. I didn't want to leave it behind again. It was so familiar and I didn't know that I had missed it so much.

I had such a wonderful week. I can't wait until we go again! 

Embroidery: Corazón

This Is The Year of Mexican Art

This is now official to you so I have a more motivation to actually do it. 

I am very much inspired by Mexican art, culture and history and realized there is a lot I can learn from that. So this year, I'll be creating my own versions of Mexican Artesania.

This was my very first project. This is an embroidered Corazón from the Loteria game (Mexican Bingo).