Monday, July 14, 2014

Oregon: Rocks and Water

I recently purchased a book called Gem Trails of Oregon. This was our first trip using the guide book, and were kind of nervous because we didn't want to go hours away for nothing. But we had our fingers crossed and our hammers and went on our treasure hunt.

We went rock hounding for Augite in the mighty Tillamook forest. What is augite you ask?? Looks like black crystals up close, but pretty sure it may be gravel's cousin. Anyways. We went on a windy dirty drive, followed an unclear map and miraculously found the hillside littered in glistening black stones. It felt like and Easter Egg hunt, Christmas and Halloween mixed into one BECAUSE WE LOVE ROCKS (TREASURE). You can observe our rock collection when you come over.

Finding the rocks
And getting bit by fire ants

Augite? Or gravel??

And then Robbie found a river. Not surprised. 

My Merman