Monday, June 30, 2014

They Swam in Bloomington Lake

The 4 Big Boys swam in a lake that had snow surrounding it. There was an inviting rope swing and a cliff they used to jump into the ice melt. Bravo dudes.

Rian acting "natural"

Alpha fell in twice. This was the first time.


And then my camera died and could not document the rest. Sorry guys.

We Swam in Bear Lake

This was the first (immediate) Rane Family Reunion [the RFR] and it was spent at a spectacular cabin at Bear Lake. There were lots of kids running around, lots of futbol and cheers, lots of raspberry shakes, playing tennis and horse shoes. Kelli and Papa Rane taught me a little bit about using the camera, so this is me playing around with it.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Great Ad

ERRRYBODY! as in ladies and nice hot husbands and cute kind boyfriends!

Buy HelloFlo Tampons because they make the best tampon ads (... I have mentioned this before).

And just to be clear, they don't pay me to say that. I just speak up for great advertising. . .

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm a Nanny

Some of you know that I've recently picked up a nanny gig. My friend's coworker needed some help and one-thing-led-to-another and voila, I now nanny for two families.

One of the families recently watched Mary Poppins, the super cool magical nanny causing the 4 year old to play dress up as Mary Poppins and sings "a spoon full of chuugaar makes the medicine go dowwn!"

They quickly realized that they have their own nanny, and even though I don't fly, they compared my skills to Mary Poppins. Yep, I'm just as magical. ;)

So I was telling Robbie about it, and he made me this present. Thanks Manfriend. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Calligraphy: Alexis & Matthew

Alexis contacted me a few months ago to design the calligraphy for her wedding invite. When she sent me these pictures I got chills. HAH. I love the gold foil on the black paper. Nice idea Alexis! 

Friday, June 6, 2014


I love my Mamalita. I gave her that name when I started speaking. She requested to be called "Abuelita" and I called her Mama, through out her corrections and requests, she became Mamalita.

She peacefully passed away May 24. The week before was a difficult one for me, but I knew that she was surrounded by people she loved and adored who sang to her, held her hands and told her stories.

Living in Mexico, I believe she was the one who visited my family the most, showering us with tapes she made herself copying PBS's Reading Rainbow and Wishbone. She's the reason I LOVE Peeps, Ramen and Dill Pickles. She was proof to me that grandmas are the BEST.

She was a wonderful grandma. I'm super blessed that I was her granddaughter.