Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride / / Robbie is 28

Today is my man's birthday. And the saddest thing about it is that I can't tell him Happy Birthday in person. I love birthdays, he can attest to that, and that may be one of the few things that make me and Robbie different.

This last week I really wanted to do something fun for him. I told him a bajillion party ideas I was ready to execute but he really wasn't interested in my kind of "fun." He convinced me that the best thing we could do is eat pizza and tell no one that it was his birthday.

He got what he wanted. How could I say no to that face.

We celebrated on saturday, we ate at some fun food trucks on Mississippi Ave. I got Ramen and he got some disappointing Korean kimchi tacos (but sounds like a good idea right? we thought so too). He got a pair of Chacos from me, a little sculpy hammer head shark made by me and Atty (the girl I nanny), and his favorite dessert, Cheesecake from Jello. Yum.

But today, on his real birthday I sent him this homemade, mikamade, portlandmade poster he requested for his birthday a year ago. Surprise! It's not 100% completed. I still want to add some textures and print it out. I'll post it the day it happens.