Monday, September 29, 2014

Oregon: Fishing on the Crooked River

Many of you know of Robbie's new hobby of fly fishing. At the beginning of summer he decided to get a bunch of gear and fishing gadgets, and the bossy wife that I am made him commit to a goal of fly fishing trips he needs to go on to make all of those purchases worth it. He way surpassed his goal of 6. He's hooked.

He's going to be gone all of October and wanted to get one last "summer" fishing trip before it got too cold. We went to central Oregon with our super great and good Canby friends Jordan, Haley and their loyal dog Olive.

The first day we hiked Three Fingered Jack. The men went to the summit while the women + dog tried to find shelter from the wind near the summit. We were so happy to see them return from the top after waiting for 2 hours. They confessed the felt real fear trying to reach the top. Not really exactly sure what happened up there but it sounds sketchy. Glad we stayed below eating peperoni sticks.

We ate some Mexican comida in Sisters OR, and found a free camp site 15 miles away. Robbie and I were too tired and kinda cold to set up our tent so we slept in our little red ford focus (and the Wards slept in the back of their truck so we wanted to be real cool like them). We can now report that it's doable, but also feels like torture because you can't extend your legs when you're not sleeping at a diagonal, which only one of us did.

Next morning we checked out a fly fishing shop to ask the experts where the fish could be found. They pointed their finger to the Crooked River which was an hour away near Primeville (which I constantly confuse with Crimeville).

We set off, found fish, took pictures. I napped for a bit. Robbie caught (I wanna say) 3, Jordan lost count around 15 and Haley caught 2. We've decided when there's a natural disaster or something crazy happening in Portland, we're going to move in with the Wards. They seem to know what's going on.

We topped our trip off with burgers and shakes.

Bye Bye Summer. We loved you.

Trail head to Three Fingered Jack:

At Lava Camp Lake Campground:

Crooked River (near Prineville)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Logo: Iris & Ivy

A friend of mine is helping a florist out by designing her logo, and she invited me to do some cursive for it.  YAY!! Of course, I was excited because I love cursive.

Here are some playful rough roughs:

And here are some on a more serious note. She picked number dos!!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I can't believe we've lived in this weirdo city for a year now. We drove in September 10th, 2013, not knowing if we were going to stay, or go about our newly married nomadic ways. But Portland was so enticing, how could we say no?

Just some Portland temptations:
We've made amazing BFFs
Gone on nature explorations that are quite comparable to New Zealand
Seen wild animals: bobcats, deer, lots of birds, and spiders
Ate wild Blackberries by the Nike employee store

So for our Portlandversary, I picked up Robbie from work and we drove to a school in NW Portland. The school is famous because a migration of swifts (heading for Venezuela) make the school's chimney their home every September.

Thousands of people gather every evening in September to watch a bird tornado ... birdnado ... funneling into the chimney. And if you're lucky, there will be a hawk hanging out trying to catch one of these little guys. There was a hawk last night for a second and everyone was screaming!!! The hawk landed on the chimney, the swifts changed their flying tornado formation to a strange still hovering and then they freaked out and flew away. The hawk went into the chimney and pulled out a little bird. CRAZY SCREAMING!!!

photo from the interwebs

Then we ate dinner at a bar called Swift. Wasn't as good as the bird show.

But that's ok.

Because we love you Portland.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oregon: Central (Labor Day Weekend)


Robbie and I needed a weekend that felt like a vacation. The past month in a half, he has worked most Saturdays and Sundays. Poor guy and poor wife, we didn't see much of each other during the week and we didn't even get the weekends to play in Portland. So it was good news when he was able to leave work early on Friday and also had Monday off! YAY!!

So many options on our Oregon List.

1. Backpack on the coast
2. Seattle (oops... on Washington List)
3. Bend, Oregon
4. Camping at Three Pools, Opal Creek
5. Rock Hounding

Our friends, The Stanley's had a change in their vacation plans, and we powwowed to come up with some ideas for Labor Day Weekend.

Day One: Leave in the morn to Three Pools, Opal Creek. Cut Kelly's hair in the wild. Play. Swim. Snack. Then drive down to central Oregon and Camp at the foot of South Sister.
Day Two: Hike South Sister. Enjoy views. Chat with mountaineering strangers. Drink hot chocolate. Camp
Day Three: Wake up, head home.

What actually happened:
Day One went as planned. Day two, we tried to hike up south sister, but the winds rolled in bringing cold clouds with rain droplets and we were ill equipped for the hike... as in, we all had short shorts. So we left the mountain side and set our tent at Smith Rock. Day three, we did some climbing at Smith Rock.

Over all: 5 star weekend

Chopping the braids off.

Three Pools

Devil's Lake, Central Oregon

Smith Rock

Dave lead climbing