Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oregon: Cannon Beach in August

Always take summer clothes to Cannon Beach during the summer. Even when the weather report says 65 because the sun will be shining and your legs will be sweating, gluing you to your pants. EEK. And then you will wish you brought a swimming suit so you could play in the water and make a sand castle like everyone else around you.

Maya and Elyse came to Portland. We spent a day at Cannon Beach which means lots of walking and exploring the beauty. The most incredible thing was the steam rising from the sand during the low tide and the wind was whisping it away, making everyone in it look like ghostly creatures.

[[BUT PEOPLE. Something terrible is happening. I came to Cannon Beach a few months ago in April (I think there was a post about it) and there were starfish from the olden days,  the size of really big dinner plates. Tons of them, red, blue, pink, with 12 arms. We walked to the tide pools because I was excited to show Maya and Elyse and not a single one was there. They've all died. There is something killing the starfish on the Pacific Coast, from California all the way up to Washington. I've watched a few short documentaries on Youtube, and scientists can't figure out this mystery.]]

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wedding Invite: Michelle + Juan

I'm sad I wont make it the most Latino wedding of my life. It's a Guatemalan/Cuban/Chilean wedding fiesta. I think I'm making the wrong decision by not attending.

Michelle is a good friend of mine who I met at BYU. We never had any classes together, but we saw each other on campus a lot and one day she just walked up to me and said "I see you all the time and think it's time we become friends. What's your name?" A year in a half later we saw each other daily working in the AdLab/Bradly Lab (PR), yes, in that day, Advertsing and PR shared a room.

Here are their invites.

Wedding Invite: Ashley + Jamie

Summer means weddings!!! And that means more designs. I was really excited when Ashley contacted me to design her invite. She wanted it to be illustrated and showed me lots of examples that resembled children book illustrations. WOHOO.

And I almost cried when I saw it printed. The paper they chose was perfect. It has a similar texture to watercolor paper.

Hope Ashley and Jamie liked it!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oregon: Three Pools

This last weekend we visited Three Pools in Opal Creek. I was AMAZED by the colors of the water and rocks and all the beautiful Oregonians.

I thought the water was freezing, ice queen water. When I jumped in, I was convinced I was suffocating. My lungs broke. And when my breath returned to my body, my collar bones and wrists were deciding they were going to break.

Being in the water was too cold, being out of the water was too hot. So when I needed to refresh I decided to ease myself in which took a good seven minutes. After that, I felt comfortable swimming, splashing and trying pick up football sized rocks from the deep.

Robbie said that this was one of the most incredible places he's ever been to and wants to come every weekend.

The Swimmers

More Swimmers

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Jamie + Andy
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