Monday, March 17, 2014

Camping: Ainsworth State Park

Robbie had a mega itch for taking a little break in nature this last weekend. We did some research and found that a camp ground in the gorge  [Ainsworth State Park] was having it's first camping day of the season on Friday.

We rounded up the troops and headed out.

THE WEATHER WAS FINE! No clouds, just a little wind chill.

The men foraged for wood. It's difficult to find dry wood in this land. We all found the smoke to be very toxic to the eyes, and it was blinding when drifting in your direction.

For dinner the Stanley's and Rane's prepared fajita style tin foil dinners and dutch oven apple crisp [which tasted just like pizza in my opinion]. For breakfast the Hess's and Rhoton's prepared delicious eggs with cheese and bacon and OJ and a wonderful variety of fruit and it made a very good morning. 

The Gang [pic missing Allison + Nick Hess]

Erin Rhoton + Ponytail Falls

Caden Rhoton

Kelly made this pine cone man and he's in Goblin Valley
Robbie Rane

Kelly + Dave

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Toilet Sarlacc

A few months ago, Robbie was crouched over the toilet, basically living in it. He was carefully installing his brand new sticker set, designed to look like the Sarlacc from Star Wars.

This had been an idea that was stewing in his head for years (I think), and his stars finally aligned where he could make his stickers come to life. He contacted our friend Alyssa who is an illustrator who met in a previous project at BYU. He sent her his ideas and designs and she made them real and beautiful. YOU'RE AMAZING ALYSSA. Robbie found a great print shop in Portland called Bike Punk and voila.

He made this website:
The stickers were picked up by on Saturday morning, and Robbie instantly got emails from strangers ordering stickers. We had about 45 stickers available, and sold out by Monday afternoon.  Robbie told me he was so excited about the project, he hadn't been sleeping well for the past few nights.

Monday I spent the day processing orders and getting them shipped.

here are a few more links it sarlacc was featured in:!zdpqP

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mika Book: New Pages

Well, actually, these pages are kinda old.
September 2013

July 2013

June 2013
Summer 2012

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pattern: Antelope Alebrije

I love Mexico and all the colors and food and things and people and everything! One of my favorite trinkets you can find in most markets are the colorful animals with magical painted fur and shells called Alebrije. I was just thinking the other day, what if I could skin that little animal, what would it look like?? So I'll be doing some experiments of patterns, colors and designs that I find in alebrije.
Antelope hide

It belongs to this antelope!

Antelope Alebrije

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oregon: Cannon Beach

We finally made it to Cannon Beach, one of the millions of Oregon's wonders. I loaded the car up with our beach gettaway, and picked up Robbie early from work. He had no idea where we were going. I'm not very good at surprises, and surprised myself that I didn't disclose any tips as to our plans the 2 weeks beforehand. Way to go ME!

The most wonderful thing was that it was nearly 60 degrees and sunny in February (still have a hard time spelling that). The tide was loooooowwwwww and we saw giant star fish, giant hermit crabs, giant green squishy things. We went on walks, hikes, and ate good food. Thank you Cannon Beach.

he INSISTED that I take this picture

My Wild Man