Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride / / Robbie is 28

Today is my man's birthday. And the saddest thing about it is that I can't tell him Happy Birthday in person. I love birthdays, he can attest to that, and that may be one of the few things that make me and Robbie different.

This last week I really wanted to do something fun for him. I told him a bajillion party ideas I was ready to execute but he really wasn't interested in my kind of "fun." He convinced me that the best thing we could do is eat pizza and tell no one that it was his birthday.

He got what he wanted. How could I say no to that face.

We celebrated on saturday, we ate at some fun food trucks on Mississippi Ave. I got Ramen and he got some disappointing Korean kimchi tacos (but sounds like a good idea right? we thought so too). He got a pair of Chacos from me, a little sculpy hammer head shark made by me and Atty (the girl I nanny), and his favorite dessert, Cheesecake from Jello. Yum.

But today, on his real birthday I sent him this homemade, mikamade, portlandmade poster he requested for his birthday a year ago. Surprise! It's not 100% completed. I still want to add some textures and print it out. I'll post it the day it happens.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

If You're Happy And You Know It!

Robbie's first commercial is now LIVE. For the past few months Robbie's been working late, far far away, and burnt out to come up and create this ad for Weight Watchers. Just like Frankenstein, Robbie built this creature and is now in the web presence haunting people and reminding them that eating is human and emotional and hard to manage sometimes.

I've watched it so many times and I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. It has a catchy tune, playful scenarios and totally relatable.

HERE is an article from the New York times.

And here are some things people have some things to say about the commercial. Seems to have been well received by Weight Watcher lovers and others. There has been a handful of people who don't appreciate it as much, but we're going to forget about them for now. We'll deal with them later.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wedding Invite: Romantic Bohemian Wedding

My friend Danielle Woodall invited me to design wedding invites for a beautiful pretend wedding photo shoot. She shot it at Bohem Store in SLC and she did a magnificent job. Please check out Danielle's Blog to see all of her pictures.

Color Version

Friday, November 14, 2014

Poster: Parrott Christmas Program

My dad grew up next door to his cousins. The Yerman kids and the Parrott kids. Both had strange last names which really bonded them, if they didn't they probably would have acted more awkward extended family you see once ever 6 years like most family... They were very close, practically siblings.

People would get them confused ALL THE TIME because my grandma and her sister were cleaver and named every child with a B name. Bruce, Bryce, Blake and Brook make up my dad's siblings, and next door you would find Brent, Brian, Blair, Brynn .... and I'm missing one, I can't believe I forgot his name! I think that's what they want you to do. Get so confused until you forget. :) Thanks ladies, you got me.

Well, we have a tradition in the Bruce and Sarah Yerman family that started when my dad was a kid. Christmas Eve was the big celebration day. Dinner, desserts, stories and then... the Talent Show. And wow, the Parrott kids were musically talented. Singing, singing + dancing, instruments... I've been heard that the Yerman kids didn't really match up in musical talents. . . It's ok Yermans, I know you're great!

This tradition drastically evolved. The Parrotts are so amazing, they prepare an annual Christmas Program. The first decade, they preformed in their church building and had a full house every year. It became so big, they now preform 2 shows in the community Performing Arts Center the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's a great show. Cute kids, the Christmas Classic songs, some silly tunes, dancing, it's a hoot.

So, my family branch didn't really get much of that "talent." We still have our tradition every Christmas Eve but we prefer to call it The No Talent Talent Show. We will never preform our No Talent Talents in an Arts Center, but the family still applauds and cheers on. Some talents in the past included Irish Dancing, Carrot Peeling (I know, we were so proud), Reciting Poems, etc. Preforming something you're not good at is encouraged, because it makes everyone else feel really good about themselves.  Robbie and I are brainstorming some ideas of things for this next christmas. Maybe break boards like Karate people or yodel.. we take recommendations.

So. I was invited to design the Poster for the Parrott Christmas Program. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

BLANE. That's his name. . .

Monday, November 10, 2014

California: Pauma Valley

I'm visiting Robbie in LA this week. He's here editing his Weight Watchers commercial that was shot in Vancouver.

Every time I come to California, I just want to move here. There is fruit growing everywhere, the sun is always out, people have a glowing tan, and there are spanish speakers everywhere. It's PERFECT! (Don't get me wrong, when I return Oregon, I'm so happy I live in Oregon)

One other thing that makes California "home" to me is that my family lives here. Both of my parents were born and raised in this great state. The first 4 years of my life were in Cali. California, North and South have been the only constant things in my life. My family moved to several different homes and countries, but every year I would visit my grandparents, aunts and uncles in California.

That's why it's home and it will always be home. 

We spent our Sunday in Escondido with my Mami's sister, Tia Diana. She taught us how to make maple walnut ice cream, caramel sauce and apple crisp! Then we headed to my Abuelita's house in Pauma Valley. It's a little valley in the hills covered in orange orchards.

Her home is a little gem that fell out of Mexico. Cactus guards and protects her place, the smallest, unfriendliest dog named Cookie also helps. She has a little grove of her own and we picked dragon fruit, kumquats, persimmons, oranges and grapefruit. We ate beans, rice and fish while catching up and laughing.

Picking Dragon Fruit from the Cactus
The Giants


Monday, November 3, 2014

Dia de los Muertos

Every year since we've been together, Robbie and I have thrown a little Dia de los Deads shin dig. This was our 3rd Annual Party (we missed it last year because we were at a wedding), and I'd say it was our most successful.
(You may recognize this art from a previous wedding invite I designed)

Guests were invited to bring of a celebrity, fictional character or object that is no longer present. They would present the deceased to an alter, told a short story explaining their reasoning for the choice, light a candle and make a little offering (like a fruit or a toy). 

And to make it a little festive, we consumed Abuelita Hot Chocolate, Pan de Muerto, Arroz con Leche, Taquitos, M&M Cookies and Halloween Candies. 

Robbie sharing a poem about.... (I can't remember his name) a Confederate Solider
Haley lighting a candle for her long gone tooth gap
I talked about Wishbone, the very talented actor or "dog" named Soccer. My grandma would record a few tapes and send them to Mexico where I lived and we would watch the same episodes over and over again. 

I was really impressed with everyone's presentations. Lots of good memories were shared. Many were clever. 

Favorite NYC Sandwich, Actors Carriers, Darth Vader, High School Crushes
Wishbone, Tooth Gap
A few others included: Princess D, Snape, Vizzini, and the little girl from the Up movie intro.

I'm happy to announce there were no fire accidents. Lots of flammable materials by the candles, but we somehow kept it safe. We only dripped wax all over the credenza and the floor but it cleaned up nicely so it's like it never even happened. 

I was also very excited CALAVERAS aka "sugar skulls." I found mold at some craft store and they were surprisingly easy to make. There was enough for everyone to decorate their own.  

Orphaned Calaveras... made my Rhotons? And someone else. (Guys, come pick them up!) 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Logo: Bearded Bear Goods

I've got a friend who is full of entrepreneurial ideas and wants to make inventions and start businesses. A few months ago she started baking bagels, sells cookie dough and homemade cinnamon rolls. YUM. And I strongly recommend buying some bagels. WE LOVE THEM.

I offered to make a quick little logo for fun. This is what I've come up with. Not sure if it's the right direction, but I've enjoyed playing around with it. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Golden Girl

Golden Girl has two meanings,
1. A successful woman who is admired.
2. A painting of a girl who has gold skin.

Mine is the latter one. 

I took a figure drawing class a few years ago, and I was proud of my work. But since then, my figure drawing skills has gone down hill into the dump, so this is me working on that. Her proportions are a little wonky, but I have heard that's normal in Golden Girls.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Monster

This past week I made some monsters with my cousins in California. We made watercolor blobs and dripped some india ink to make dark marks. After that dried we added some scary details and a little scenery.

I wish I had taken pictures of my cousins monsters. One had really big eyes that poked above it's head, another's had half of it's body in dark black and the other half was really colorful. They were all spooky scary but lovable.

¡Feliz October!

Introducing: Roly Poly Man Giant attempting to make some friends

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Husband Made Me a Gif.(t)

Robbie's in Vancouver Canada, I'm in Paradise California, we're both working on stuff, and both missing each other. 

It's taking us back to the bad old days of being separated during the long, sticky, summer months while working on our internships in different time zones. 

Or taking us back to when I was doing an internship in Paraguay for 2 months and he was enjoying a Provo summer. 

Or taking us back to when we were separated for 4 months of our 4.5 month long engagement.

So we're kind of good at this now. 

Robbie was always the best at sending the best long distance emails. And this one is the winner of all time. It was too good to just be stored away in my dusty email folders. So I bring it to you. If you have a brown loved one in your life, let them know you like their skin color... among other things. 

Thanks Mi Amor!  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Oregon: Fishing on the Crooked River

Many of you know of Robbie's new hobby of fly fishing. At the beginning of summer he decided to get a bunch of gear and fishing gadgets, and the bossy wife that I am made him commit to a goal of fly fishing trips he needs to go on to make all of those purchases worth it. He way surpassed his goal of 6. He's hooked.

He's going to be gone all of October and wanted to get one last "summer" fishing trip before it got too cold. We went to central Oregon with our super great and good Canby friends Jordan, Haley and their loyal dog Olive.

The first day we hiked Three Fingered Jack. The men went to the summit while the women + dog tried to find shelter from the wind near the summit. We were so happy to see them return from the top after waiting for 2 hours. They confessed the felt real fear trying to reach the top. Not really exactly sure what happened up there but it sounds sketchy. Glad we stayed below eating peperoni sticks.

We ate some Mexican comida in Sisters OR, and found a free camp site 15 miles away. Robbie and I were too tired and kinda cold to set up our tent so we slept in our little red ford focus (and the Wards slept in the back of their truck so we wanted to be real cool like them). We can now report that it's doable, but also feels like torture because you can't extend your legs when you're not sleeping at a diagonal, which only one of us did.

Next morning we checked out a fly fishing shop to ask the experts where the fish could be found. They pointed their finger to the Crooked River which was an hour away near Primeville (which I constantly confuse with Crimeville).

We set off, found fish, took pictures. I napped for a bit. Robbie caught (I wanna say) 3, Jordan lost count around 15 and Haley caught 2. We've decided when there's a natural disaster or something crazy happening in Portland, we're going to move in with the Wards. They seem to know what's going on.

We topped our trip off with burgers and shakes.

Bye Bye Summer. We loved you.

Trail head to Three Fingered Jack:

At Lava Camp Lake Campground:

Crooked River (near Prineville)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Logo: Iris & Ivy

A friend of mine is helping a florist out by designing her logo, and she invited me to do some cursive for it.  YAY!! Of course, I was excited because I love cursive.

Here are some playful rough roughs:

And here are some on a more serious note. She picked number dos!!

Friday, September 12, 2014


I can't believe we've lived in this weirdo city for a year now. We drove in September 10th, 2013, not knowing if we were going to stay, or go about our newly married nomadic ways. But Portland was so enticing, how could we say no?

Just some Portland temptations:
We've made amazing BFFs
Gone on nature explorations that are quite comparable to New Zealand
Seen wild animals: bobcats, deer, lots of birds, and spiders
Ate wild Blackberries by the Nike employee store

So for our Portlandversary, I picked up Robbie from work and we drove to a school in NW Portland. The school is famous because a migration of swifts (heading for Venezuela) make the school's chimney their home every September.

Thousands of people gather every evening in September to watch a bird tornado ... birdnado ... funneling into the chimney. And if you're lucky, there will be a hawk hanging out trying to catch one of these little guys. There was a hawk last night for a second and everyone was screaming!!! The hawk landed on the chimney, the swifts changed their flying tornado formation to a strange still hovering and then they freaked out and flew away. The hawk went into the chimney and pulled out a little bird. CRAZY SCREAMING!!!

photo from the interwebs

Then we ate dinner at a bar called Swift. Wasn't as good as the bird show.

But that's ok.

Because we love you Portland.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oregon: Central (Labor Day Weekend)


Robbie and I needed a weekend that felt like a vacation. The past month in a half, he has worked most Saturdays and Sundays. Poor guy and poor wife, we didn't see much of each other during the week and we didn't even get the weekends to play in Portland. So it was good news when he was able to leave work early on Friday and also had Monday off! YAY!!

So many options on our Oregon List.

1. Backpack on the coast
2. Seattle (oops... on Washington List)
3. Bend, Oregon
4. Camping at Three Pools, Opal Creek
5. Rock Hounding

Our friends, The Stanley's had a change in their vacation plans, and we powwowed to come up with some ideas for Labor Day Weekend.

Day One: Leave in the morn to Three Pools, Opal Creek. Cut Kelly's hair in the wild. Play. Swim. Snack. Then drive down to central Oregon and Camp at the foot of South Sister.
Day Two: Hike South Sister. Enjoy views. Chat with mountaineering strangers. Drink hot chocolate. Camp
Day Three: Wake up, head home.

What actually happened:
Day One went as planned. Day two, we tried to hike up south sister, but the winds rolled in bringing cold clouds with rain droplets and we were ill equipped for the hike... as in, we all had short shorts. So we left the mountain side and set our tent at Smith Rock. Day three, we did some climbing at Smith Rock.

Over all: 5 star weekend

Chopping the braids off.

Three Pools

Devil's Lake, Central Oregon

Smith Rock

Dave lead climbing