Monday, September 30, 2013


One day this week marks the third year of Mika and Robbie friendship. It's one of our holidays, and have celebrated it every year.

We're still not really sure what day it is, but who cares? Still a good reason to celebrate.

We met sometime in late September 2010, the week after Utah's Dirty Dash. On Sunday, he and his roommate Nathan overheard my roommates talking about the Dirty Dash and they came up and told us they ran it too, whatever, they just wanted to prove that they were just as cool as we were... Anyway,  Robbie says this conversation happened, but I don't remember it.

He came over that night to home teach (we don't really know if it was the same day, but I'm choosing my own adventure here and I'm deciding this is what happened), and he mentioned that he was applying for the advertising program, and SO WAS I. Fate. So we were excited that we had that in common. We showed each others Advertising application video (you have to make a commercial of yourself to prove your persuasiveness [that's a hard word to write] and coolness. I was to nervous to show mine to anyone else in case that would jinx me, but I found out later that I was fine). Later that week we went dumpster diving for stale baked goods. And we became Instant Friends, also similar to and just as good as Instant Idaho Potatoes.

 And here are a few pictures from our first year being friends. Yay! 

Us with "Team Having Fun"
Robbie at the Lost Boys Party

We're dorks and we like it

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye Austin. Hello Portland.

Last Thursday was a normal Austin day. Robbie biked to work, it was 102 F, I tried a new meatball recipe, and was excited to watch Project Runway.


Robbie gets home and told me the news. W+K in Portland needed some help and offered Robbie some freelancing. And they needed him by Tuesday.

Um. Ok. I usually like to think of myself as "Adventure Mika" but really, sudden changes in my life are little difficult... just kidding, very difficult, for like 3 hours. After I pulled myself together, I got excited.

Robbie went back to work on Friday, and everyone at GSD&M were very understanding, said something like "thanks for coming, we hope you come again soon!", thanks GSD&M, we hope so too. I packed all day, trying to eat all the food that would go bad, and kept packing. That night we went to Alamo Drafthouse, (a very Austin movie theater where  you order dinner and scarf it up during the movie, they also do quote-a longs and sing-a longs ex. Grease) I ate the most caloric peanut butter shake. Yum.

Saturday morning we said goodbye to our landlord and his 4 dogs. He handed us a big box of travel snacks, and jamaica juice.

Landlord Daniel, and a very tired me.  Hello... I'm not a morning person.

Our drive to Portland was 2,000 + miles. So we divided it into 4 days.

So we went to 4 Corners Monument (where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and... Colorado? meet), and Moab. Robbie was surprised that the 4 corners was only a monument. He thought it was supposed to be an ancient Anasazi ruins... so that was a little disappointment to him, but I loved it. And Moab was beautiful. It was raining and cloudy and MAGIC.

A Big Bird


W+K offers housing to freelancers, and we are staying in the nicest place we will ever live in our entire lives. It's a two story appartment, and even has an extra furnished room with a twin size bed. I LOVE having company so if you want to visit, come! We will be here for at least 1 month. 


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


A few weeks ago, Robbie surprised me with a ticket to Rochester NY to visit family!! My Uncle Bryce, Aunt Zion and my cousins Dane and Bijoux live there.

For the past few years, whenever I see Zion, I tell her that I just want her to teach me how to decorate cakes and make bread, so this was a dream come true.

I had  a great week! The kids were so fun! I learned a lot from Zion, and watched some fun movies with Bryce.

Thanks Robbie! Thanks Bryce and Zion! 

Here are a few photos that I took to document my visit.

Zion's looks fantastic

Love this giant mixer

Challah Bread!

Chocolate Truffle