Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Starting in Portland

Welps. I'm a married woman now... and it seems to be appropriate to start my blog up again (cause married ladies do that for many reasons: 1. Bored out of their minds while their husband is freelancing for 2 weeks so there is no point in getting a real job because no one will hire them for 2 weeks, 2. Wanting to update familia and friendila, 3. It's good to practice writing because they are graduated and don't write essays anymore)

Being married is wonerffull. Robbie and I miss our reception so much and keep dreaming about it. Everything was so FESTIVE and FUN and AHH! Lot's of highlights. We feel so loved and blessed and can't believe this is real life. I'll be posting more pictures of the wedding... soon.

Here is proof that I'm married or proof of my married costume:

Robbie (my husband... manfriend) has picked up a fun freelancing job for Weiden+Kennedy (advertising agency that works for Nike, P&G, Coke, Old Spices, etc. aka: DREAMJOB) and had an idea produced when he was interning here from Jan-April. So he came back and finished the job. It was for P&G mothers day. If you want to see what he's been doing all day everyday you can check here: ROBBIE'S CAMPAIGN THAT I'M SO PROUD OF (you need to be a member of pinterest to see it but I'm not sure).

Robbie's job has helped us out with living. We stayed in a nice apartment in the Pearl District of Portland and now we're in Hotel Monaco, a very beautiful, colorful hotel.

Here are very few pictures of this last week in 1/2. We need to get better at documenting our lives.

The first hour of our road trip

GIANT headboard and bird wallpaper at Hotel Monaco, Portland

Robbie loves the Nike Employee Store.

I spend my time watching lots of TV. It's kinda funny because I can't remember the last time I watched a television show. The one I really enjoy is about America's Worst Tattoo's and how Tattoo artists cover them up. I usually watch TV while designing a wedding invite I've been working on. It's almost done. I also explore a lot and go on long walks and look at all the cool shops. I've picked up cooking again and like it for the most part. I don't know how moms do it. I don't feel like cooking everyday! Bravo mami.

We tell people "Oh, we're going to go along the Oregon Coast, camp, and then go down to California and visit family, go to San Fran, maybe Yosemite, and then down to San Diego to visit mas famila. Our trip will end once we find a job, run out of money or find a new life in Mexico." I'm hoping for Mexico.

We embark on Thursday, May 16th.

Day One:
TILLAMOOK. This is how I feel: OH YEAH. ICE CREAM AND CHEESE BABY! Tillamook factory is not far from Portland and I'm going heifer out. Robbie and I love the Marrionberry Pie Ice Cream, strongly recommend.
We will camp at at Cape Lookout State Park. I heard if you're lucky you can find a glass float. Still not 100% what that is but I want to find one.

Day two:
Lincoln City: Ok, we found a place you can blow your own glass. We are trying to make reservations and cross your fingers that we do. Looks so fun.
Staying at Beverly Beach State Park. We'll hike and be merry.

Day three
Wake up so early to go DEEP SEA FISHIN' in Newport. Never done it before and sounds so great. I hope we don't catch a whole lot of fish, we have no stomachs to put them in.
Don't know where we're staying at yet...

Day Four:
Robbie found a White Wolf Sanctuary. We're excited because we have a wolf blanket and stuff.

Day Fibe:
We're going to Harris Beach. That's in the Southern Coast of OR. Just looks beautiful. And the other half of the day we'll go to Redwood National Forest. 

Day Six:
We hope to play with cousins, pan for gold, maybe eat some good Tacos. Yeah.

Once we are in Paradise, we'll plan out the second half of the trip.
If you have any recommendations, let me know. I want to see everything!


  1. I love that you're staying in the Pearl district! It's probably my favorite part of Portland. Make sure you go to the Pearl bakery. Have fun on your camping adventure! If you end up in Roseburg and need a place to stay, call me :)

  2. Your life is so adventurous! I'm just a mom (don't worry I don't cook everyday sometimes we just have pancakes for dinner)!
    Seriously your reception was amazing!
    Please come visit us, you can stay in Jane's room she won't mind!
    We love you guys!

  3. Try the Historic Anchor Inn in Lincoln City. Free breakfast. Amazing themed cabins. Say hello to Misty ;)

  4. We live right by Newport! If you have time we'd love to feed you or something... call me (949)295-0186! oh, and Nick and Elyssa are staying at my house for the rest of May!

    1. wait, actually we are in Newport, CA- but the offer is still open!