Thursday, September 20, 2012


In NYC this summer, there was a man in Union Square that was making giant  bubbles and sharing his joy with everyone. He invited me to make bubbles and I got all giggly and excited and became 5 years old.

So I made giant wands and the solution and made bubbles and brought it to campus. Surprisingly, when I invited people to make bubbles, they hesitated. Lots of bubble experiments to come.

A video piece I made:

Friday, September 14, 2012


Ever seen Harriet the Spy? There is a part where she pulls out a compact mirror and spies on some humans behind her without them noticing.

I do that too. Not with a compact mirror, but with any reflective surface. I think I do it too much and it has become a problem. I notice reflections EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I think the relations are real, as in I'm looking at the object, not the reflection of the object.

I feel like people rarely notice reflections. The only ones they ever care to notice are reflections of themselves.

I'm in an contemporary art class and we had to do an installation piece. Mine was based on reflections.

Holding the Moon

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Been a Little Busy

Been busy with this:

1. Finished my internship. 
Summary: Very cool. Liked DraftFCB. Liked NYC. People always ask me if I would go back and it's doable. I use to be afraid of the city and working at an agency and now I wondered why I ever thought that. I got some worked produced with Oreo and that was a surprise. The team I worked on was really cool and they were open with Devon (my copy-writer gal) and my ideas. Wahoo! 
This is Devon. She is planning on becoming a Cat Lady. 

Here are some of my designs for the Oreo Campaign:

2. Then I went to Chicago to visit Robbie.
Summary: I like Chicago, I like Robbie, and his beard. 

3. Came back for my 11th semester of school. 
Summary: Super Senior Status

4. Roommates played song together
Summary: Was for a class, and for fun. Our version of "Just a Friend." Enjoy. 


5. Havasupai
Summary: Last minute adventure of lifetime with a handful of my favorite humans. 

[Notice Robbie lost in the fog]

6. Just applied to graduation 4 minutes ago. 
Summary: Weirdz. 

7. Plans
Summary: I have all these plans of things I'm going to make. I'll post some of the creations here.