Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The System

Well. Looks like it's going to be one of those later nights in the office. I'm the only one left in my area. Huzzah.

Sometimes you work hard, meet deadlines, people like your work, and then they show it to a person way up the ladder and your hard work gets shattered. That's advertising. Even if 38 people approved and like the ad, who knows what the jefe will say. Why is it that one person has a different opinion that doesn't match everyone else win.

Who made this system? I don't get it.

So that's the story of my day. New deadline is tomorrow morning and I have to start from scratch. As you can see... I'm thrilled.

Sorry NYC, I can't play much today.

Street Musicians 2

This has been one of my favorite musicians I've seen:

Eric Clapton!:

[[NY is getting hotter = death. Utah can get pretty hot, but the humidity really takes a toll on physical and emotional well being. Fingers crossed that I may survive the 97F today. 

And things have been good. Have made a few pitches and got good feed back and some ideas sent to the client. It's been fun. ]]

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Sunday in Central Park

photo by kris orr
Rowing boats in Central Park. 
I was reminded of one of my dream sports... rowing. I love watching during the Olympics. So I practiced preparing for the Olympics 2016. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Street Artists

One of the most distracting things to me in NYC are the musicians. The other day, I missed my subway because I just had to stop and listen to some drummers playing bongos and singing music. I wanted to dance.

Some performances are eerie, others upbeat.

Everyone in the subway station is moving quickly disregarding the musicians and the art they are trying to share. It seems unbalanced when I look at it from a distance. Without looking at the performer, I know they listen to the music it as it echoes through the underground tunnels and ... like it.

Video 1: Violin
Video 2: Andes Music from Peru

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I like it here


I am really liking my internship. Who knew? On day one, I was giddy the entire time. Orientation was great, there were 27 other interns (which I think is a HUGE group) and I was definitely underdressed. My skinny jeans, button up shirt and christmas looking vest could not compare to all the pencil skirts, blazers and slacks. Oops business casual (by the way, wherever I looked around, people were wearing jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops, I fit in with them...).

I'm working with cool people too. I'm partnered with a copy writer who is going to school in Georgia and my mentors are really neat and creative and stuff.  

My day consists of pretty much concepting ideas. I like accounts I'm working on. For the moment I'm on Eucerin (a lotion) and Taco Bell and in June I may help out with Oreo. HUZZAH. 

Advertising world is a different place. Some say "you can break all the rules with advertising," and people do. It's fun, it's mad men. 

Anahi made this for me and I couldn't leave this behind
Laura and I going to Draft together on day one

Arrived at the office
WOW! I have a name and everythingz!
6.5 day - and I liked this 
Waaa Hooooo!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Arrived in NYC

[sorry for the absence of posts, i've been ... busy, anyways...]

Here for the fourth time within the past year, and will linger longer than 5 days.

Lets say ... 75 days, or 2 months and 14 days, or 108,000 minutes. Wahooo!!!
(can't lie, is a cool website).

Staying in a nice place on 102nd street, about 4 blocks away from central park and something like 70 blocks away from internship. I'm living with Michelle Christensen, Laura Coalwell, and Brooklynn Johnson! Michelle and Laura are both in the advertising program with me and are interning at ad agencies (and just recently graduated, bravo chicas) and Brooklynn will be interning with Anthropology and make crafts for the store.

Brooklynn comes on the ninth.

I'll be starting my internship this Monday [yikes!] at DraftFCB (an ad agency).

But I'll start talking more about that on Monday, for now, I'll show you my day.

Brooklyn Bridge

Laura, Me, Michelle(ita)

Ignacios Pizza
Not included in photos: Waking up, eating breakfast, kinect zumba, being sad because the subway did not accept debit or credit cards today, stumbling across a flea market, bought heels from the 60's, grocery shopping and decided to go on a diet because bread costs mucho, painted my nails, skyped with man friend, facebooked.