Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Twenty Two

22 is my favorite number, my second favorite number is 17.

Today, well yesterday now I turned 22 on January 17.

A somewhat monumental day. Honestly, I didn't want any praises or recognition, and people gladly gave it to me. Singing me the traditional happy birthdays and treating me with their time and showing their love and appreciation.

I really feel blessed and loved by all of my friends and family. I hope that I can tell each and everyone of you how much I care about you and how you have helped me improve as a person. The things I value most at this moment in my life are the relationships I build with the people around me and I feel like all of those relationships have been to my benefit. I have grown and learned from people. I have learned to serve and care. Thank you, thank you so much.

It's going to be a good year.

Delicious carrot cake with homemade crayola candles by the Yerman girls

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Grove

I have fulfilled a dream
I've had for over half a year. Last year I was on campus and I noticed that a Birch Tree was shedding it's bark and I picked it off and glued it in a book and painted it different colors.

I discovered that aspen and birch bark absorb paint nicely. I had a huge urge to paint trees solid colors. I was going to do it during the fall, but I decided it's pretty cool during the winter. Surrounded by brown twigs and white snow.

It's in a secret place. Try to find it. 

Maya, Elyse, Brooklynn and Ally joined me in completing my dream! I may return tomorrow and add patterns to them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Irrational & Impulsive Moment

I'm not a rational person. Thinking things through is not one of the first things on my mind. And I realized that I am a little impulsive.

Yesterday, for example was one of my impulsive shining moments.

Life had been getting the best of me and I was getting frustrated about it.

Brooklynn picked me up and was brave enough to keep me company during my rapturous moment. We drove passed a Red Box and demanded "STOP HERE. I WANT A MOVIE"

A movie sounded like a great idea. I wanted something that had dramatic problems, action, fighting, maybe some blood.... and then saw Eclipse, one of the twilight movies. PERFECT!! But it was in Blue Ray and we can't watch blue ray movies because we're still poor....

SO... we checked the next Red Box kiosk. And that's when I realized, I have no feelings left in me so I can do something a little braver (and I was inspired by a blog post I read recently). I CAN WATCH A SCARY MOVIE! (ps. I hate hate hate scary movies). As I was looking at the covers of the movies, I saw one that looked terrible. It was called HISSS. It was rated NR. MORE PERFECT! I swiped the card and held the movie close to me because I wasn't scared anymore.

We arrived at the studio Brooklynn was painting in. I was hungry. There was a little restaurant. I walked in and said.

"Hi, I've never been here before, and I'm having a rough day."

The girl just looked at me and said, "Well here's the menu...."

"GREAT! MMMM. (I just saw the first thing) I want that, Seasonal Squash sounds yummy, and I want that orange color drink."

She handed it to me in a paper bag and walked up to the studio.

Brooklynn is preparing for an art show held on January 17 (The whole world should come)!!!

I sat in a chair next to her pulled out my squash (I've never seen this kind of squash before but it looked like a giant bowl) and put in the movie HISSS.

Brooklynn and I probably only lasted 10 minutes. We were laughing/screaming because we were pretending we were not creeped out. But it was plenty of creepy and a little nudie. Actually, it was super freaky.

But the squash was great, and felt a little more relaxed.

Afterwards our friend named Lexi came by and we painted together and then went back to the pillar house to be with loving people and watched Pocahontas and eat bananas with peanut butter.

Jaja. Oh the things I do.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Emotions Rule

I don't know how but some people consider emotions as a weakness or maybe even an illness, but I think they are beautiful. Aren't they created by the body to serve a purpose? Cool. It's a human power.

I have always felt extremely sensitive to my emotions. Not always good thing.

Feelings and emotions are  delicate matters. They are fragile can easily be tossed and turned. But then there is also an element of attitude which affects emotion. Sometimes I keep telling myself I need to be more positive on a bad day and if I'm lucky, it helps me feel better.

I don't know how feelings affect others. I would like to understand that better! OBVIOUSLY I only know how feelings and emotions affect me.

With me, feelings are a physical experience. Sadness hurts and happiness really makes my guts feel good. And depending what I feel, my habits change (eating, socializing etc)

I'm just curious, if you would like to add a comment and tell me how emotions affect you. How do you feel them?